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Nestled serenely in the heart of Edmonton's river valley, the Muttart Conservatory - Botanical Garden a  standout among Canada's indoor botanical spots, offering an immersive haven of greenery. Claiming its spot as one of the nation's largest indoor plant collections, this place invites you to explore its Pyramids, where over 700 plant varieties thrive in carefully controlled climates.

Explore the Pyramids

Take a captivating journey through the arid, temperate, and tropical landscapes, each housed in its own pyramid. Immerse yourself in the beauty of themed displays and join in the joyous festivities of seasonal celebrations in the feature pyramid. Don't forget to look up and admire the lovely displays in the centre court—a space where the elements of nature, including water, fire, and living plants, blend in harmony.

Engaging Programs and Tours

Intriguing drop-in programs and tours add a dynamic layer to the Muttart experience. Indulge in the exclusive Happy Hour at Muttart, a delightful offering for adults every Wednesday evening, featuring beverages from Cafe Bloom and musical performances. Families with young children can engage in the Imagination Station, fostering creativity and exploration in a program tailored for children aged five and under.

For the tiny tots aged three to five, Mornings at Muttart beckons, providing an immersive learning experience through activities like sensory play, crafts, and pyramid exploration.

Guided Pyramid Tours offer a deeper understanding of the Conservatory's diverse flora, with knowledgeable interpreters leading tours through the arid, tropical, and temperate pyramids. Meanwhile, self-guided tours provide the flexibility to explore the pyramids at a leisurely pace during the week.

Marigold Gift Shop

Take a moment to explore the Marigold Gift Shop, a treasure trove offering an eclectic array of unique gifts and souvenirs, many crafted by local designers and artists. From artisanal crafts and local jewelry to seasonal décor and vibrant plants, the gift shop is a haven for those seeking distinctive keepsakes.

Celebrate Life's Moments

Beyond the everyday charm, the Muttart Conservatory transforms into a hub for special occasions. From unique birthday celebrations for the little ones to hosting elegant wedding ceremonies and receptions, the Conservatory caters to a spectrum of events. Corporate and social gatherings find a distinctive backdrop against the lush greenery, creating an ambiance that is both unique and enchanting.

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City of Edmonton
City of Edmonton
9626 96a St NW
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City of Edmonton
City of Edmonton
9626 96a St NW
Edmonton, T6C 4L8
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