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Wilson Climbing Centre
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60 Feet
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Nestled on the North Campus of the University of Alberta, the Wilson Climbing Centre stands tall as an iconic structure dedicated to the art of climbing. This purpose-built facility is not just a gateway to the university; it's a testament to their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle through the passion for climbing.

The Climbing Centre's Features 

  • Unleashing Heights: Ascend towering walls with multiple surfaces, offering an exhilarating climbing terrain that reaches up to an impressive 60 vertical feet.
  • Anchor Excellence: Explore the diverse possibilities with 14 top rope anchors, supporting dual top rope routes per anchor when fully utilized. Additionally, 20 lead anchors provide flexibility for up to 2 lead routes per anchor.
  • Mixed Mastery: Engage in the dynamic experience with 4 mixed lead/top rope anchors, designed to facilitate up to 2 lead/top rope routes per anchor when at full capacity.
  • Adaptable Adventures: Experience climbing versatility with 2 "adaptable" climbing anchors, allowing for the creation of unique routes and enhancing the overall climbing experience.

Programs for All Climbing Abilities

Their programs cater to individuals at every climbing skill level, from beginners taking their first vertical steps to advanced athletes seeking new challenges. The Climbing Centre's certified Climbing Gym Instructors, are experts in a range of climbing disciplines, from basic bouldering to highwall belaying and lead climbing.

Variety of classes

  • Learn to Boulder: A class designed to demystify the bouldering experience for new climbers. Participants learn basic bouldering rules, climbing techniques, warm-ups, and cool-downs.
  • Learn to Top Rope: Tailored for top rope climbers aiming to enhance physical fitness and climbing development. Balancing technical instruction with practical application, these classes are suitable for novices and seasoned climbers alike.
  • Training for Lead: Focused on refining techniques and boosting performance, this course addresses advanced climbing skills, such as dynamic movement, precise footwork, energy conservation, strength training, and more.

Women's Climbing 

Exclusively designed for women excelling in the vertical realm, this course explores challenging boulder problems and lead routes. The curriculum covers advanced techniques and helps participants create personalized training plans.

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University of Alberta
University of Alberta
87 Ave NW
Edmonton, T6G 2H9
University of Alberta
University of Alberta
87 Ave NW
Edmonton, T6G 2H9
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