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Tandem Skydiving
Bucket List
Sky High
12,500 feet jump
60 Seconds
Freefall rush
Parachute Glide
Serene descent
Certified Instructor
Guided experience
Safety Check
Reviewed terms
Fast Freefall
200 km/h


Human fascination with flight dates back centuries, and today, at Calgary Skydive, individuals have the chance to experience the thrill of human-powered flight through Tandem Skydiving. This adventure opens the door to explore the skies, unbound by gravity and free from mechanical constraint

The Journey of Tandem Skydiving 

Tandem skydiving offers an unparalleled experience, allowing participants to enjoy both freefall and parachute flight sensations. The journey begins at 12,500 feet, where, for a heart-pounding 60 seconds, participants freefall at 200 km/h, guided by their certified tandem instructor. This segment offers an array of sensations, from the rush of wind to the feeling of floating on air.

At 5,000 feet, the parachute opens, transitioning the experience into a serene descent lasting three to six minutes. Parachute flight provides a different set of sensations, from peaceful glides to adrenaline-pumping maneuvers. Tandem skydiving opens the door for participants to choose their level of involvement, from a calm observer to actively participating in freefall turns and parachute control.

The Tandem Skydive process

Every aspect of this exhilarating adventure has been meticulously crafted to ensure safety, thrill, and an immersive exploration of the skies. In this comprehensive guide, they give the step-by-step process that will take you from the adrenaline-pumping freefall to the serene parachute descent, offering you the complete tandem skydiving encounter.

  • Step 1: Check-In Upon arrival at Calgary Skydive, participants check in and review the terms and conditions. The booking time serves as the arrival time.
  • Step 2: Training Participants undergo training through a detailed video and a brief session with an instructor, covering safety, freefall techniques, and landing positions.
  • Step 3: Gear Up Fitted with a custom tandem harness and goggles, participants are equipped with gear tested for safety and comfort. Proper outdoor clothing and closed-toe shoes are required.
  • Step 4: Flight to Altitude Boarding the aircraft, participants and their instructors soar to altitude, enjoying breathtaking views. Final harness adjustments are made, and the door opens at the drop point.
  • Step 5: Exit & Freefall Upon the green light, participants and instructors launch into freefall, experiencing 50-60 seconds of exhilarating vertical acceleration. The parachute opens around 5,000 feet.

Licensed Skydiver

For those who discover a passion for skydiving, the opportunity to become a licensed skydiver awaits. Calgary Skydive provides an advanced freefall program, encouraging individuals to explore the depths of the skydiving experience.

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Calgary Skydive
Calgary Skydive
1138 Kensington Rd NW,
Calgary, T2N 3P3
Calgary Skydive
Calgary Skydive
1138 Kensington Rd NW,
Calgary, T2N 3P3
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