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Self-Guided Thermal Spa
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Private Spa
Cold Plunge
Step down pools
Flexible Sessions
90/120 minutes
Gift Certificate
Age Requirement
16+ with guardian
Rain or Shine
Open in rain


Circle Wellness offers an innovative and private thermal spa experience, blending ancient wellness rituals with contemporary technology. This unique, self-guided spa in Vancouver provides a serene and personal retreat.

Spa Experience and Amenities

  • Shower: Guests can enjoy an open-air shower, enhancing the connection with nature.
  • Soak: The cedar soaking tub offers a luxurious and natural experience, with water that is drained, cleaned, and refilled between each session.
  • WellPod: A modern reinterpretation of a sauna, kept at approximately 50°C and featuring therapeutic natural materials.
  • Cold Plunge: A step-down cold plunge pool allows for invigorating contrast hydrotherapy.
  • Riverstones: Embedded with a radiant heating system for a unique reflexology and lounging experience.

Session Options

Guests can book 90 or 120-minute sessions, available seven days a week, starting as early as 6:30 A.M. and as late as 10:15 P.M. This flexibility accommodates various schedules, allowing guests to experience the spa at their convenience.

Sessions are released on the first of each month, and guests are advised to book in advance due to the limited capacity.

Safety and Comfort

  • Minimum Age Requirement: Guests as young as 16 can enjoy the spa if accompanied by a legal guardian. Otherwise, all guests must be 19 years or older.
  • Weather Adaptability: The spa is open rain or shine, offering covered areas and warm features like the soaking tub and WellPod, making the experience enjoyable regardless of the weather.

What is Provided

Essential amenities such as towels, water, herbal tea, skincare products, soap for hair and body, and a blow dryer are provided. Guests are encouraged to use the natural hinoki oil soap available at the spa, as it is designed to be gentle and eco-friendly.

Post-Session Facilities

The session time includes time for guests to get ready afterward within the Circuit. There are cues and arrangements to assist in winding down the session smoothly.

Restrictions and Recommendations

Outside hair and skin products are discouraged to maintain the spa's natural environment.

Food and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. However, guests can bring snacks or electrolyte-rich beverages like coconut water for post-session refreshment.

Circle Wellness' Self-Guided Thermal Spa provides an intimate, eco-friendly, and holistic wellness experience. It's a perfect escape for those seeking a private and rejuvenating retreat in the city, offering a blend of ancient practices and modern luxury.

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Circle Wellness
Circle Wellness
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Circle Wellness
Circle Wellness
1297 Johnston St
Vancouver, V6H 3R9
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