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Bella Ceramica Studio, established in 1996 and located in West Vancouver, invites you to explore the art of glass fusing. Known for offering a range of creative activities, the studio provides a unique opportunity to create stunning glass artworks.

Glass Fusing Experience

Participants in the glass fusing workshops can create various items, including trivets, tiles, platters, bowls, and even night lights. The process involves nipping, cutting, and clipping glass, followed by a series of kiln soaks to shape and slump the glass into a beautiful masterpiece.

Expert Guidance and Tools

The studio's experienced staff will guide you through using all the necessary tools and materials. You'll have access to precut shapes, “spaghetti” and “noodle” glass, frits, pebbles, and glass pens, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities.

Workshop Options

  • Express Workshops: For those short on time, 15-minute hands-on demonstrations are available, followed by independent work on your glass project.
  • Monthly Glass Workshops: These events are perfect for those who desire more structure and guidance, teaching everything needed to create beautiful glass projects.

Studio and Workshop Details

  • Studio Fee: A fee of $15 is required for the express workshop, which covers 2 hours in the studio. Time extensions are possible if there are no subsequent bookings.
  • Firing Time: Glass items typically take around 2 weeks to be fired and ready for pickup.
  • Accessibility: Glass fusing is accessible to all, regardless of artistic skill, with abstract patterns and shapes being easy for beginners.
  • Safety and Usability: The finished glass pieces are safe for food contact and can be used functionally or as decorative items.

Gift Cards

Bella Ceramica offers physical gift cards for in-store activities, perfect for gifting creativity. Note that these cards are not applicable for online bookings of parties or events.

Bella Ceramica's glass fusing workshops offer a unique blend of creative expression and skilled craftsmanship. Suitable for individuals of all artistic abilities, these workshops provide a fulfilling experience in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing glass items.

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Bella Ceramica
Bella Ceramica
1475 Marine Dr
West Vancouver, V7T 1B8
Bella Ceramica
Bella Ceramica
1475 Marine Dr
West Vancouver, V7T 1B8
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10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
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