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Experience the Secrets of Relaxation. In the heart of the city, Calgary Sauna Lounge at Cedar & Steam beckons, offering an oasis designed for both solitude and social connection. Visitors are invited to unwind with eyes closed or engage in conversations with friends. 

An Escape Within Your City

Discover the freedom of drop-in sauna and steam sessions tailored to your schedule. This boutique spa boasts adult-only unisex saunas and a steam room, allowing guests to let the heat dissolve stress, fostering stillness, and leaving them rejuvenated and refreshed for the world outside. Elevate the experience by booking a massage, where each session comes with a complimentary sauna and steam access. Customize the massage with aromatherapy and conclude the indulgence with a flight of cold kombucha from the Remedy bar.

Services Offered

Sauna & Steam: Calgary Sauna Lounge offers affordable relaxation within the city limits. Guests can conveniently drop in or book online to access a range of sauna and steam experiences.

Massage: Certified and experienced therapists guide visitors through a relaxation process tailored to their mental and physical needs.

Remedy Bar: Featuring local kombucha on tap, the Remedy bar encourages guests to bring their own water bottles or tumblers, promoting environmental responsibility and allowing visitors to save money.

Sauna and Steam Passes Include Full Access to

  • Cedar Sauna
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Himalayan Salt Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Rinse Station

Change rooms, towels, lockers, and showers are provided. Staying hydrated is recommended, and the Remedy bar offers cold kombucha on tap.

The Process

Hot – Cold – Rest: Warming the body in saunas or the steam room initiates the relaxation process, opening pores and inducing perspiration. Cooling down with a cold plunge or rinse station shower closes the pores and releases endorphins, leaving guests invigorated. The experience is heightened with a massage, providing relaxation for muscles and joints.

Private Events

For those seeking a unique venue for special occasions or group gatherings, the spa can be exclusively booked. The packages vary in price based on duration and added services, offering a delightful space for celebrations. Champagne service can be added for milestones, engagements, or bachelorette parties.

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Cedar & Steam
Cedar & Steam
102-12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE
Calgary, T2J 7A4
Cedar & Steam
Cedar & Steam
102-12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE
Calgary, T2J 7A4
Open Hours
03:00 PM -10:00 PM
03:00 PM -10:00 PM
03:00 PM -10:00 PM
08:00 AM -10:00 PM
08:00 AM -10:00 PM
08:00 AM -10:00 PM
08:00 AM -10:00 PM

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