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Awesome Sauce Design offers a unique and enriching experience for those looking to explore the art of stained glass. Since 2016, the studio has been a place for creativity, providing a range of classes that cater to various skill levels - from beginners to those seeking more advanced challenges. These classes not only teach the technical aspects of stained glass making but also inspire creativity and a deep appreciation for this timeless art form.

Class Structure and Content

The journey into stained glass begins with beginner classes, where students learn the fundamentals of the copper foil method. This method, popularized by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the 20th century, involves wrapping the edges of glass with copper tape and soldering them together. In these sessions, participants create a simple yet elegant 6” tall sun catcher, a perfect starting project to get acquainted with basic techniques.

For those looking to delve deeper, intermediate classes offer the opportunity to tackle more intricate designs and larger projects.

In the Intermediate classes, students advance to creating stained glass window panels encased in zinc frames, learning to use glass saws and apply patina for finishing touches. This progression allows learners to gradually build their skills and confidence in handling more complex designs.

Personalized Approach

One of the unique aspects of Awesome Sauce Design’s classes is the customization offered in the window corner workshop. Participants have the chance to request or even create their own patterns, allowing for a more personal and meaningful artistic expression. This level of customization not only enhances the learning experience but also allows students to leave with a piece of art that is truly their own.

Class Size and Duration

Understanding the importance of personalized instruction, the studio maintains small class sizes. This intimate setting ensures each student receives individual attention and guidance, crucial for mastering the intricacies of stained glass work. The duration of the classes is thoughtfully planned - beginner classes are a single, immersive 5.5-hour session, while intermediate and specialized workshops span over several weeks, providing ample time for in-depth learning and practice.

Fused Glass Workshops

In addition to traditional stained glass classes, Awesome Sauce Design also offers workshops in fused glass. These classes allow students to experiment with melting and fusing glass pieces, creating unique coasters and decorative ornaments. This variation in offerings caters to a broader range of interests and provides an opportunity for students to explore different facets of glass art.

Studio Environment

Classes are held at MakerLabs, a well-known creative space in Vancouver that fosters an environment of innovation and collaboration. This setting is not just about providing the tools and space for stained glass making; it’s about immersing students in a community where creativity is nurtured and celebrated.

The stained glass classes at Awesome Sauce Design offer an opportunity to dive into the world of glass art, providing a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your skills, these classes are a gateway to exploring the beauty and intricacy of stained glass, all within a supportive and inspiring environment.

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Awesome Sauce Designs
Awesome Sauce Designs
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Awesome Sauce Designs
Awesome Sauce Designs
780 E Cordova St
Vancouver, V6A 1M3
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